Year 6 Library Work

Vocabulary Development

During Term 3 we have been investigating words and language.
To finish the unit, we will have same fun.

Explore the following sites

Free Rice Choose an answer from a choice of four. Each correct answer results in fa donation of free rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Anagrams Read some of these anagrams, then try to create some of your own. Perhaps try favourite songs, singers, TV shows etc


Be amazed by some of these word palindromes, then have a go at creating some of your own.

Self-checking Picture Puzzles

Try to explain these Optical Illusions

Reading for Fun

Try some of these quizzes.

1. Create a picture book.

Image found at

Here are instructions for that task.

2. Readers' Theatre.

A) Find out what Readers' Theatre actually is. Write a thorough explanation.
B) Read several of the scripts from the following sites. Choose 2 that you think would be good to perform, giving your reasons.
C) Prepare and perform them.
Aaron Shepard's Scripts and Tips for Reader's Theater.
Scripts and masks from "Have Fun Teaching".
Several scripts from this site are from books in our Library.
D) You will now create your own Readers' Theatre using a favourite book of your choice.
Consider the number of roles involved; the use of speech in the story.
Read the tips on various websites to help.
E) Perform your creation.
F) Build a reference list of all resources used.

3. Author Study

Choose an author "new" to you. (i.e. you should have read no more than 1 of his/her books)
Read as many of the books throughout this activity as you can.
Your presentation will include
A) a bibliography of his/her works.
B) a biography of his/her life so far.
C) reviews of at least 3 books you have read.
D) a poster promoting your favourite, giving reasons.
Decide on a presentation tool that will show your findings in the best way.
Some sites to consider are
Thinglink Bookwriter app