With next term being our "Book Week Term", we are happy to announce some very special visitors are coming to St Michaels.
In week 2, on Wednesday 22nd July, author Louise Park will be talking to Stage 2 students about her books.In week 4, on Thursday 6th August, author Oliver Phommavanh will be discussing writing tips and tricks with Stage 3 students.In week 9, on Thursday 10th September, Infants classes will view a performance from Perform Educational Musicals relating to the short-listed Book Week books.
We really are looking forward to meeting all these wonderful people as they help us learn more about books, and encourage us to love reading for so many different reasons.

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Please join St Michaels, and schools from all around Australia, reading this delightful story on Wednesday 27th May.


25th April
We remember the brave soldiers who went to war to protect our country,
and we pray for peace so that no more soldiers will have to go to war.

Here is a link to the page Year 4 students will be using in their research.

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anzac memorial.png

Earth Hour

On Saturday 28th March, people all around the world will be turning off their lights in support of Earth Hour.

Will you join in?

Harmony Day


On Friday 20th March, we will celebrate the many cultures at St Michaels.
We will start the day with a parade of National ostumes.
This will be followed by some music and dance performances by parents, friends and students.

See our Term 1 page for photos.