Harmony Day

Our Harmony Day celebrations were enjoyed by all.

Here are some photos of the day.
Harmony 1.jpg
Harmony 2.jpg
Harmony 3.jpg

Harmony 4.jpg
Harmony getting ready.JPG
Harmony greetings.JPG

Harmony orange class.JPG
Harmony Maltese choir.jpg
Harmony window 2.JPG
Harmony window 1.JPG
Harmony orange.JPG

World of Maths

This week, World of Maths will be visiting and primary classes will have the opportunity of participating in their fun activities.
The Library monitors have created a display to demonstrate that Maths can be all around us - even in Library books.World_of_Maths.JPG

Our first display and competition is related to Australia Day.
All you have to do is read a book by an Australian author (and there are LOTS of good ones at the front of the Library)
For each book you read, you will be given a ticket to go in a raffle to win one of the prizes on display.