Stay Safe online.

Session 1 : Learn how Lee and Kim stay safe on the Internet.

We will read their Top Tips and decide why they are important.
We will also learn their safety song.

Session 2 : Cyberbullying

"The internet lets us watch videos, play all kinds of games and find out interesting stuff.
But sometimes people can be mean on the internet, just like some people are mean in real life."
(Taken from the site)

Session 3 : Review : Today we will review what we have learned.
Look at these two posters.
Discuss which you like best and state why.
Poster 1
Poster 2

Can we translate the message to simpler language for Infants children to understand?

Safety Land game

Activities with 3K

Week 8
How cyber smart are you?
Comic book Capers

Week 9

Faux Paws Dangerous Download